AM inflatables

AM - What do I need to know?

We combine top grade high technology materials with years of experience in boats production. Highly sklilled engineers and designers ensure the usability and safety. We have a wide range of products starting from small yacht tenders to big seaworthy boats.

– produces inflatables for both the leisure and professional markets

– has a long established reputation for innovative design, superior construction and outstanding customer satisfaction

MEHLER VALMEX ® boat PVC (five layers) is a unique material for manufacturing high quality inflatable boats used for leisure, sports and professional applications.

All technical textiles of Mehler Texnologies are 100 percent coated fabrics to ensure supplying its customers only with first-class high-value products. All components of Mehler Texnologies’ products are in accordance with the European REACH directive. Eco-care is the responsible way in which the company deals with energy and resources, its use of enviromentally sustainable components and its activities related to the recycling of coated fabrics. Due to its commitments to enviromental responsibility and sustainability Mehler Texnologies is participating in external recycling systems and in the „voluntary commitment of the PVC industry“ VinylPlus.

Plasticizing agents, make an elastic material, which is important for folding and unfolding the boat, especially at low temperatures. The material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, salt water, fuels and oils. It retains its properties in the temperature range from -30 C do +60 C.

Material properties

  • UV and weather resistant
  • Air and watertight
  • Temperature resistant to hot and cold conditions
  • Wearproof surface


It is a standard that is used by marine plywood manufacturers world wide. For the floor, seats and transom we use specifically engineered for boats and yachts laminated waterproof (protect of the salted sea water) plywood from Finland manufacturer. Face veneers are made of „A“ grade mahogany and core veneers are pine. For example a 9 mm plank consists od five lengthwise and two crosswise veneers. Core veneer thickness; 1.2 mm, face veneer thickness: 1.5 mm