D-MAR 290

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D-MAR 290

Affordable and versatile!

D-MAR 290 inflatable boat is a prominent representative of affordable and cost effective range of boats: perfect balance between size, weight and cost.
This model is very popular among fishermen and hunters, professional and dabblers, for its optimal size and capacity, with great mobility and stability. D-MAR 290 features a reinforced keelson and transom, which protects your boat when carried to the shore or if you happen to sail through shallow waters.
With space enough to accommodate 3 people and carry 400 kg this model is perfect for moderate waters and can be rowed as well as powered by motor of up to 6 hp.
The D-MAR 290 boat comes standard with carrying bags (for the boat and for the flooring set), made of durable PVC material.

The boat comes being fitted with
  • Built-in transom made of heavy-duty marine plywood
  • Bow handle
  • 2 stern handles
  • D-ring for anchor
  • D-ring/tow ring at the bow
  • Grab ropes on both sides
Length 2.90 m
Width 1.38 m
Cockpit length 2.05 m
Cockpit width 0.58 m
Tube diameter 0.40 m
Number of section 3+keel
Capacity 3
Max weight/payload 35 kg/250 kg
Packed dimensions (boat) 900х650х300 mm
Packed dimensions (floor set) 750х650х80 mm
Engine type
Engine leg length 15" (S)
Max engine 6 HP
Manufacturer Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha
Bench seat 750х200 mm (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm)
FLOOR Wooden floor board (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm, nonskid surface
Floor section 5
TOTAL WEIGHT 850 gr/m2