Galia 660 Hardtop

Galia 660 Hardtop

A multipurpose motorboat with plenty of upside!

Galia 660 Hardtop is an all-weather utility and leisure boat capable of taking eight passengers on board. The sturdy hull is stable even in the harshest conditions, and the wheelhouse will provide protection from the elements. The extra, outside steering will come in handy during mooring and tight maneuvering.

The cabin can be fitted with complete water and sanitary systems, drawer refrigerator and a spirit cooker making overnight stays a possibility. Additional extra equipment includes trim tabs and electric anchor winch among others.

Length of the hull 6.50 m
Beam of the hull 2.51 m
Max draft 0.57 m
Mass without engine 1700 kg
Category C
Crew limit 8
Engine type
Engine leg length 25" (X)
Max engine 184 kW/250 HP
Engine type Outboard
Fuel type Petrol
Manufacturer Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha
Fresh water tank 120 l
Fuel tank 250 l