VB Yamaha F20GMHS

VB Yamaha F20GMHS

4.099,00  30.883,92 kn

Our latest F20 – A really ‘big’ little portable

The specification includes battery-less EFI and full compatibility with our Digital Network Gauges, as well as convenient new resting pads and carry handles.

With single-lever steering friction adjustment, wide-span motor mount, high-output alternator and options of Variable Trolling Speed, Y-COP Security and Power Tilt, the F20 is a great choice for a wide range of tasks.

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Tip agregata 4 takta
Zapremina 432 cm³
Broj cilindrara / konfiguracija Redna 2 cilindra, SOHC
Promjer x hod 65.0 mm x 65.1 mm
Snaga na propeleru 14.7kW @ 5.500 okr/min
Maksimalan broj okretaja 5.000 – 6.000 okr/min
Sustav podmazivanja Uljna pumpa
Napajanje gorivom EFI
Sustav paljenja CDI
Sustav pokretanja Ručno
Prijenosni omjer 2.08 (27/13)
Preporučena visina krmenog zrcala S: 429 mm
Težina s propelerom 57.0 kg
Kapacitet spremnika goriva Odvojeni, 25 litara
Kapacitet spremnika ulja 1.1 litara
Upravljački sustav  Ručica
Trim i Tilt sustav  Ručni (MH, EH, E)
Punjenje / alternator 12V – 16A s ispravljačem / regulatorom**
Tilt limiter
Y-COP sustav Opcija
Propeler Da
Modeli s kontra rotacijom
Pogon u plitkoj vodi Da
Digitalni mrežni mjerač (LCD zaslon)
Digitalni mrežni mjerači (okrugli i kvadratni) Opcija
“Variable Trolling” sustav Opcija samo sa DM
Sustav dvostrukog punjenja baterije
SDS (Shift Dampener System) sustav
Napomena Podaci o snazi (kW) zasnivaju se na normi ICOMIA 28 mjereno na osovini propelera
Napomena ** Opcija za MH modele, standard za E modele

At a glance

  • Slower-than-normal idle speed with VTS option
  • VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) option
  • Single-lever steering friction (Tiller model)
  • Compatible with Yamaha Digital Network Gauges
  • Big-engine’ feature – Power Tilt option
  • High-output alternator for extra starting power
  • New tough and solid one-piece top cowling
  • Manual, electric and manual/electric start options
  • Unique and economical power-to-weight performance
  • New battery-less EFI system for easy starting
  • Exclusive Y-COP immobiliser security option
  • Multi-function tiller handle option


Jednostavno upravljanje brojem okretaja pri panulanju

Unique power-to-weight performance

This latest-generation twin cylinder, 4-valve model has a true ‘big-engine’ feel and delivers unprecedented power for such a conveniently light and portable unit. Easy starting and smooth running are assured by the battery-less EFI system and a choice of electric, manual or electric/manual starting options are available.

  • Jednostavno upravljanje brojem okretaja pri panulanju

    Latest, one-piece top cowling design

    Instantly recognisable as a brand new Yamaha, this smart engine features our latest one-piece cowling, with stylish graphics and a genuinely ‘solid’ feel that any owner will appreciate. A cleverly designed water-draining air intake duct is built into the cowling too.

  • Jednostavno upravljanje brojem okretaja pri panulanju

    Easy starting, security – and VTS

    Starting – even from cold or after storage – really is as easy as starting a car. Exclusive to Yamaha, the combination of our legendary PrimeStart™ and new battery-less EFI systems ensures that your engine fires up first time, every time. What’s more, you can choose VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) and Y-COP immobiliser security options too.

  • Jednostavno upravljanje brojem okretaja pri panulanju

    Now compatible with Yamaha’s Digital Network Gauges

    You’ll find the new F20 very easy to handle and comfortable to drive, thanks to its many new features. Remote control models for example, are fully compatible with our advanced Digital Network system, which offers the driver a comprehensive selection of information, as well as a more precise and relaxing level of control.

  • Jednostavno upravljanje brojem okretaja pri panulanju

    Large multi-function tiller handle option

    This great option brings all the engine controls neatly within reach of the driver and provides an even larger tiller for comfortable steering, handling and manoeuvring. Whether pottering around the marina or flying along at the higher speeds this remarkable engine can deliver, it makes the F20 even more enjoyable to own and use.

  • Jednostavno upravljanje brojem okretaja pri panulanju

    High-output alternator – keeps the power coming

    The F20 will be put to a wide variety of tasks, from fishing at night to coastal cruising, so its high-output alternator is a comforting feature, ensuring that power should always be available to start the engine – even after prolonged periods of idling or if you’ve been running at low revs and using numerous accessories.

  • Jednostavno upravljanje brojem okretaja pri panulanju

    Shallow Water Drive system

    Cruise towards the shore with confidence thanks to Yamaha’s 2-position Shallow Water Drive system. Offering ample protection for your propeller, it allows you to get as close as you need to be, no matter whether you’re cruising a murky lake or the crystal clear shallows of the sea.

  • Jednostavno upravljanje brojem okretaja pri panulanju

    Fresh Water Flushing system

    An easy-access connector on the lower cowling allows you to easily flush salt and dirt from the waterways without having to run the engine – just connect a hose and you’re ready to go. This is a very efficient way to reduce corrosion and extend the life of your outboard.


Težina 57 kg